The Dancer’s Story

The Dancers’ Story is a choreographed documentary weaving past with present using the vocabulary of dance. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Ballet of Canada, a sampling of five generations of dancers gather at the ballet barre. The Dancers’ Story is a blend of novel documentary with an abundance of freshly filmed performance.


NUREYEV is a dance drama exploring the life of the great Russian dancer, Rudolph Nureyev, who defected to the West in 1961. Integrating original choreography created for the screen and dramatic monologues, the film presents a multi-faceted portrait of one of the seminal performing arts figures of our time.

Time to Dance

The Toy Castle characters take to the barre to demonstrate basic ballet technique and exercises in a fun and entertaining manner for young children. Each character performs their favourite dance moves and demonstrates ballet’s basic positions.

A Delicate Battle

A Delicate Battle is an expression of human relationships and the power struggles that they entail. The film follows the Heroine in her struggle to come to terms with notions of surrender, dependency, support, and the freedom of the artistic spirit.

Asylum of Spoons

Gemini nominated co-directors Allen Kaeja and Mark Adam bring you their passionate dance film, Asylum of Spoons. Award winning choreographer Kaeja articulates a chilling and evocative turn-of-the-century dance narrative that chronicles the extraordinary dynamics, impulsive acts, unspoken desires and gripping love of a truly eccentric family.