Toller Cranston: The Art of Being

In the 1970’s, Olympic Medalist Toller Cranston set the skating world on fire with his dynamic presence on the ice. Today, living in San Miguel, Mexico, the ever-colourful artist has turned his attention to his original love… painting.

Super 8: The Art of Making It

Museum curators, gallerists, art experts and eight incredibly talented artists share their secrets of making it into the centric circles of the Canadian art world.

The Group of Seven: Art for a Nation

Seven painters who helped to define one country. Art for a Nation is a vivid and compelling testament both to the Group of Seven’s beautiful art and their struggle against the critics and academic painters of their time.

Canvas of War

A follow up to Canvas of Conflict, this documentary examines the art of World War 2. A select group of artists went into combat and managed to create thousands of pieces of art. For those that are still alive today, theirs is a harrowing tale to tell.

Canvas of Conflict

During the First World War, the Canadian government commissioned artists from around the world to go to the frontlines and capture the war on canvas. Canvas of  Conflict looks at the artists who risked their lives and the profound effect war had on them.

Where The Universe Sings: The Spiritual Journey of Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris is an artist of international stature, a giant of Canadian culture, a founder of the Group of Seven and leader in the emergence of Canada’s most famous school of painting. Our northern wilderness landscapes of tangled and brilliant colour, wide blue expanses of lake and sky, majestic arctic icebergs and expansive mountain vistas were captured by Harris in masterpieces that have become icons of Canada’s visual identity.

Painted Land: In Search Of The Group Of Seven

Produced by White Pine Pictures & Solemn Land Productions in association with TVO, documentary, YES TV and the OMDC in collaboration with The McMichael Collection of Canadian Art The Art Gallery of Ontario, The National Gallery of Canada The NORDIK Institute at Algoma University with the participation of The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, Tourism Ontario, the Bell Fund, OMDC and the Canada Media Fund Developed with the assistance of TVO, Super Channel, OMDC.

West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson

July 8, 2022 is the 105th anniversary of the mysterious death of Tom Thomson, one of Canada’s most beloved painters. Join us for a screening of the film which includes access to bonus content that includes a discussion with the director and an expert on Tom Thomson.