Syrian Serenade

A musical experience from the Stratford Symphony Orchestra's Classical Brunch series.


A musical experience from the Stratford Symphony Orchestra’s Classical Brunch series. Enjoy this performance of Syrian folk songs with Samir Azar on Oud, Jawad Azar on Buzuq and percussion and Rouba Nazir Battikh on vocals. In addition to being a musician, Samir Azar is also an accomplished luthier and handcrafted all of the instruments used in this concert. Rouba is a poet and artist. Jawad is an accomplished photographer.

Few North American cities of Stratford’s size can boast an orchestra as accomplished as the Stratford Symphony. The SSO is an integral player in Stratford’s arts and culture scene. Founded in 2004, the SSO presents an annual season of live performances of classical and contemporary music, with a special emphasis on Canadian composers.

Principal Conductor and Music Director William Rowson oversees an orchestra of professional musicians drawn from across SW Ontario to perform Canadian and international works in front of packed houses.